ilove_xiconsx (ilove_xiconsx) wrote,

honor roll =)

Well i just got my report card on Friday and I made the honor roll!! Wow, I mean i can't say i was suprised but then i can't say that i was expecting it either. I thought i was going to get at least 2 B's (one in Spanish, and one in science tech) but i got an A- Spanish!! And half the time i don't even know what my teacher is talking about! But i did get a B in science tech. Screw my teacher, he never did anything but eat yogurt. lmao.

But my parents were really happy for me =)
My dad said he was gonna get me an ipod (like he promised me at the beginning of september) but my mom says i don't need an ipod. She says she'll give me some money instead.

Hmm... which is better an ipod or cash?

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