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it's the weekend + zashley picture

yayy!! it's the weekend im so happy but yet i am so bored! lmao.
plus i felt bad for not updating for such a long time. i mostly update
on thatsjustdivine now =) so check out my icons over there =)

also new zashley picture
it's soo cute =) hehe well for a hardcore zashley
fan like me i thought it was really adorable =)

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That pic is sooooooooooo cute. Thanks for posting!
np =) zac looked kind of ... scary though.
They are so cute together!

Zac looks a little sweaty.
haha, yeah..!
that picture is cute, but why does zac look so different. he just..i dont know. he looks really different in that picture. it might just be me though. lol.
he dyed his hair?
well um. im not a zak fan so yah.
lol same.
i just think he and ashley look cute together ♥
yah i definitely agree there ♥
and omg there was this article of him in my bop mag or whatever and the title was 'zak wants a girlfriend' and im thinking just friggin go out with ashley then!!
they make a good couple.
aww lol i know right? it's annoying to me how long he's taking. JUST CHOOSE ALREADY!
i hate popstar. they are totally zanessa fans.
Nice blue nails, Ashley.

I love the girl, I really do. But, sometimes, her fashion choices make me chuckle a bit.

Zac looks sweaty and HOT. I'm in love with him.
lmao i know what you mean on BOTH things. =)
Such a cute picture!
i know right? =)
totally! Now just to get rid of Vanessa..
i have a few ideas... hehehe
i wandered over here. let me just say, it is nice to see that someone else shares my zashley love.
haha i'm hardcore zashley. =) there are just too many zanessa fans these days. its only because of hsm =(
gorgeous eyes on that kid
i know right?
omg yeah i'd get lost in them